Investing in backyard putting greens in Palm Beach, FL is the best way to improve your short game. Enjoy unlimited tee time – no driving over to the course, waiting for your turn or missing practice due to your schedule. Better yet, no maintenance! Once your green is installed, you can focus on your game all day long.

Besides providing a realistic golfing surface, artificial grass also allows you to customize your putting green, starting with the layout.

Types of Putting Green Layouts

Artificial grass is overtaking live grass for backyard putting greens. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf is durable enough to take putts and host consecutive games without damage. It’s weatherproof and needs minimal maintenance while offering the same ball roll quality found in competition-level courses.

Many golfers also love how much they can personalize their private course using artificial grass. For instance, your backyard putting green can follow— or combine— the following creative layouts:

• Punchbowl Green

Punchbowl greens are tucked inside a depressed or hollow area. They funnel shots toward the center and tend to have a relatively flat bottom. Initially developed out of necessity, these greens were built on existing depressions to gather and conserve moisture.

Most golf course owners avoided this design, as its structure made it prone to drainage problems that either stunted grass growth or killed the turf. Fortunately, synthetic putting greens in Palm Beach, FL are free of such issues. Feel free to up the challenge of your course with one or two punchbowl greens.

• Crowned Green

Also called domed greens, tortoise-shell greens and turtleback greens, crowned greens refer to greens that are highest at their center. They slope down gently to the sides.

Crowned greens are ideal for golfers who want a challenging course. They push players to plan their shots carefully, forcing them to aim away from the flag and consider how the climb’s friction will interfere with the roll. If you have a large yard, consider adding a crowned green or two into your artificial grass installation in Palm Beach, FL for variety.

• Double Greens

Double greens are perfect for expansive yards. Usually big enough to accommodate several golfers, they serve two different golf course holes.

Double greens are a common sight in older courses in Ireland and Great Britain. The most famous example of this green type can be found in one of the world’s most superb golf courses, Scotland’s St. Andrews Old Course.

If you want to add double greens to your backyard course, research miniature golf facilities for inspiration. Take note of your favorite features and talk to your installer about incorporating them into your green.

Not Sure Which Putting Green Layout Is Best for Your Yard?

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