Backyards in Florida homes range from meticulously maintained lawns to function-over-form minimalist gardens. However, an increasing number of homeowners and even renters are opting for artificial grass in Palm Beach instead of natural turf as their primary landscaping material.

A few benefits of using artificial turf over natural grass are:

  • It can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • It doesn’t require mowing, watering or weeding
  • The softness of the surface is perfect for children playing in the backyard
  • No need to worry about artificial grass getting stained from food or beverages
  • It has a greener environmental footprint due to its recyclability and water conservation capabilities
  • Aesthetic appeal – artificial surfaces come in a variety of colors and textures
  • The surface is free of pesticides which reduces exposure to harmful chemicals
  • An artificial lawn will never need aerating or re-seeding
  • Maintenance costs such as fertilization and insecticides usually associated with maintaining a real grass lawn will not be necessary for artificial turf
  • Routine maintenance, for example raking up leaves or fallen palm fronds , is minimized
  • Reduces noise pollution from lawn mowers and other yard equipment that homeowners usually use to keep their grass looking pristine
  • It’s pet-friendly while tough enough to resist damage from digging, chewing and rough play

Best of all, artificial grass in Palm Beach is not just for lawns and backyards. You can use it in any space you want greenery in, such as driveways, walkways, entrances, patios, rooftops and even pool decks.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Artificial Grass

Synthetic turf in Palm Beach allows you to create a green area virtually anywhere you want and in any style you prefer. If you’re planning a backyard makeover soon, keep these synthetic grass ideas in mind:

  1. Use it as a walkway from the driveway to the front door
  2. Rework the shape of your yard by adding curves or altering its slope to define certain areas during artificial grass installation
  3. Use artificial grass as a backdrop for patio furniture, garden pots and other greenery to create visual interest
  4. Use synthetic grass to cover the ground under a pergola, patio cover or other shade structure to maximize your comfort while spending time in the yard during hot summer months
  5. Install it next to a pool deck, around a fire pit or along a path leading to an outdoor barbeque so you and your guests can enjoy flexible space and sit down on the comfort of soft grass
  6. Use it as a divider between different areas of the backyard – for example, divide the yard into half with synthetic turf topped with garden mulch, gravel or pavers to divide the space into a dining area and an entertainment zone
  7. Use it as a backdrop for kids play equipment to make the backyard more inviting for them
  8. Create an outdoor carpet to sit on with your potted plants surrounding you or lay out decorative cushions under the pergola. The possibilities are endless!

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