Walkways are found everywhere, from commercial complexes and residential properties to public places and temporary spaces (e.g., event venues). Sprucing them up usually involves placing décor on their borders. But why settle for basic when you can have something phenomenal? If you’re looking for a more permanent way to freshen up your walkways, artificial grass in Palm Beach has you covered!

Challenges of Growing Grass on Walkways

It’s better to invest in synthetic turf instead of growing natural grass when it comes to walkways. The latter is difficult to accomplish because natural grass doesn’t grow well in high foot traffic places. Regular use can compact the earth and stunt grass growth. If the grass is already growing on the walkway, foot traffic can damage them, resulting in bald spots and yellow patches. Meanwhile, if the walkway is located somewhere shaded, grass may not grow on it at all. Grass-covered walkways are also vulnerable to various landscaping issues, such as turf diseases, pest infestations, poor drainage and soil problems.

Why Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Walkways

• Hard-wearing

Synthetic turf in Palm Beach can withstand regular use without sustaining damage. Its well-trodden areas may get flattened, but don’t worry. The grass in those places won’t break or turn yellow. Using a plastic brush, comb against the grain of the bent synthetic fibers to help them upright.

• Low-maintenance

Because artificial grass doesn’t need abundant sunlight to stay in top shape, you’ll encounter no issues installing it on shaded walkways. It also doesn’t require any costly and tedious upkeep tasks needed by its natural counterpart, such as regular watering and applying lawn care solutions.

• Disease-free

Since it’s synthetic, the turf is impervious to turf diseases and does not attract pests. Installations laid down by professionals come with an efficient drainage system, preventing unsightly puddles from forming.

On top of these benefits, artificial grass in Palm Beach also boasts natural, evergreen beauty. With minimal upkeep, you’ll have a lush, vibrant walkway for years to come.

Innovative Ways to Integrate Artificial Grass Into Walkways

There’s almost no limit to the ways you can integrate synthetic turf into your walkway. Expert installers can customize and lay down the material on various surfaces, such as soil, wood, concrete and other hardscapes. Feel free to get creative with your installation. Get inspired by these creative design ideas:

  • Cover the entire walkway with turf!
  • Give your walkways green artificial borders.
  • Lay down the turf to create stripes.
  • Apply a checkboard design.
  • Install the turf in geometric patterns.
  • Mix pavers and turf to create unique patterns.
  • Achieve a gradient grass design with differently colored turfs.

Freshen Up Walkways With Artificial Grass!

Artificial grass installation in Palm Beach, FL is the best way to achieve stunning walkways that integrate beautiful synthetic turf. Our expert installers here at Palm Beach Artificial Grass have years of experience securing turf on walkways and other places with high foot traffic. Rest assured that your installation will last years with our team on the job. Call us now at 561-220-3564 to get started!