More than just a way to get from one part of your property to the next, pathways are an essential landscaping feature. For instance, pathways can strengthen your artificial grass installation in Palm Beach, FL. Next, they visually divide the landscape. They also connect focal points while highlighting them at the same time. Finally, pathways give people a leisurely way to explore your lawn.

Walkways Vs. Pathways: What’s the Difference?

Landscapers often make a distinction between walkways and pathways. On the one hand, think of walkways as all business. Their goal is to connect Point A to Point B and facilitate foot traffic. As such, they’re often constructed from hard paving materials and follow straight routes.

On the other hand, pathways are more recreational. They’re usually built from rustic and casual materials. In addition, you’ll usually find pathways in natural settings like gardens.

In a residential grass lawn, however, they’re usually one and the same. For example, your pathway can both go through your garden while connecting that area to the patio.

Finally, stone pathways are one of the most popular options for lawns and backyards. Here’s why:

  • Add durability, strength and permanence to an artificial landscape
  • Introduces a natural hardscape element to synthetic grass
  • Versatile— arrange it into symmetrical shapes, irregular formations, etc.
  • Offers great traction when wet, making them excellent all-weather outdoor flooring
  • Virtually maintenance-free

Top Stone Pathways for Artificial Turf

1. Smooth Flagstone Pathway

Smooth flagstone lowers the risk of tripping and falling, especially when wet. You can also power-wash it with ease. This type of stone lays really well because it has crisp, well-defined straight lines that fit easily with adjoining pieces. As a result, there are few joints that installers would need to fill with mortar.

Furthermore, those edges are perfect for outlining with vibrant synthetic turf in Palm Beach. As for colors, some of the most common ones are iron-oxide red to light, moss green.

2. Elegant Mortared Stone

In some cases, stone pathways made of real stone can rival the functionality of concrete. If you like the look of natural stone, installers can lay it so that the edges are smooth and parallel. This way, there will be no jagged angles on the path.
However, note that natural stone doesn’t usually have straight sides. Because of this, synthetic turf can be used to soften those edges and create smoother lines.

3. Flagstone With Brick Border

This is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to install a flagstone pathway. Since brick will be bordering the pathway, you won’t have to buy a large amount of flagstone to achieve this look.

For instance, your installer can sparsely fit the flagstone with 2-4 inch joints. This way, it uses up less stone than other methods like close-fit installations. Artificial grass products will beautifully fill up those gaps. In addition, bricks will work as an attractive border that visually defines the pathway.

4. Stone Garden Pond Border

If you have a water feature in your synthetic lawn, consider flagstone as a pathway border. Common garden water features include mini ponds, fountains and small rivers meandering through the lawn.

You can use flagstone to great effect along the banks of water features. One reason is that its clean and straight edges form a neat edge for the water. If your water has PVC or EPDM liners overlapping the sides, a flagstone border will fortify that as well.

5. Artificial Stone Pathway

This type of pathway involves stamped concrete or artificial stone. To soften, simply add artificial grass in between each piece. For this one, the joints are often close and parallel, making them a great option if you enjoy symmetry. Finally, outline the spaces with artificial grass in Palm Beach, so the pathway blends seamlessly into the landscape.

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