It’s generally easier to maintain artificial grass installation in Palm Beach FL than the real thing, but if you have pets at home, you’ll have to commit to a more frequent maintenance schedule than no-pet homes.

And synthetic or not, dog pee can quickly turn your yard into a stinky mess if you don’t take care of it properly.

No need to worry, though, because it doesn’t take much to keep your artificial lawn clean even if it’s your pup’s official potty area:

1. Rinse out your dog’s urine as often as you can.

The less time you let it sit on your grass, the easier you’ll find it to get rid of the smell. So whenever you notice your dog doing his business on your lawn, try using a hose with a sprinkler-type spray head to rinse out the pee right away.

2. Use enzymatic cleaners.

Pet enzymatic cleaners, which you can find in any pet store, are specially designed to break down your dog’s urine and neutralize the stench. Just squirt a bit of this type of cleaner over the affected area and let it sit for about five minutes before you rinse it out with your hose.

Do check that it doesn’t contain corrosive substances like chlorine, which can bleach away the color of your artificial grass installation in Palm Beach, FL.

3. Train your dog to pee in a specific corner of the lawn.

For you to clean up your dog’s pee effectively, you’ll need to pick a corner of your lawn you can easily target with your sprinkler-type hose.

Once you’ve determined the ideal spot for their potty area, teach the m where it is taking the m to the same area every time they need to go. Don’t forget to reward the m with lots of praise and treats!

You can also fence off any part of your lawn you don’t want the m using as the bathroom, such as your putting green or your kids’ play area.

4. Make sure to invest in a high-quality drainage system for your synthetic lawn.

Keeping synthetic turf in Palm Beach clean begins way before the first time your dog marks the grass. One of the most important parts of a synthetic turf system is the drainage.

If you don’t want your entire lawn turning into a smelly, slimy mess after you’ve rinsed out the pee, you’ll need to invest in a drainage system that quickly carries away water and doesn’t let it sit on top of your grass for too long. This means working with reputable installers who don’t just roll out synthetic turf, but design every layer, including the drainage and sub-grade, to work in perfect harmony.

Finally, keeping artificial grass clean and odor-free is much easier than a natural lawn— pet or not.

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