Is your dog a notorious escape artist?  You may be considering synthetic turf in Palm Beach for your backyard, but you’re worried that it will not be enough to keep your furry friend from escaping. 

We get it, especially when you’ve had a natural lawn all this time. Dogs can be super smart and will look for any way out of their containment area. This is why we suggest using a few different techniques to prevent dogs from escaping your synthetic lawn.

Dogs Can’t Dig Their Way Out of Artificial Grass

It’s a breeze for dogs to dig through a natural lawn. For one, a dog’s paws and claws can make quick work of all types of soil. Dogs can also get a good grip on grass and pull it up easily, which can lead to some serious damage in a backyard if not dealt with accordingly. 

Worse, they can easily dig holes that don’t just damage your lawn, but also allow them to break free from your yard.

Dogs can’t dig their way through artificial grass in Palm Beach as easily as they could tear up real dirt and plant life, making it harder for them to escape from home. For instance, dogs can’t tear through the blades and backing of synthetic grass, no matter how hard they try.

In case they do manage to rip through synthetic grass, they still need to contend with the weed, sub-base and the extremely compacted ground underneath that. 

In short, your pup is going to wear themselves out trying to tunnel their way out of your yard!

As all pet owners know, however, dogs are clever animals. That’s why it’s a good idea to fortify your artificial grass installation in Palm Beach, FL with other escape-proofing measures.

How to Prevent Dogs from Escaping the Yard: More Tips!

1. Use a latch that the dog cannot open without your help.

2. Have an enclosed area where there is something for them to do and explore such as toys, bones or even just some place they can go to get away from the house.

3. Put a long line on your dog when in the backyard.

4. Train them to stay within boundaries by putting up physical barriers, like fencing or railings.

5. Make sure that whatever you are using for containment, such as a kennel or fence, is securely attached to the ground and not easy enough to jump over or crawl under.

6. Keep your dog from being bored and exercising their mind, as well as their body! This is probably the most important tip of all to keep them from escaping.

Synthetic Turf in Palm Beach: Keeping Dogs Safe and Happy 

It’s no secret that people love their furry friends and many will go to great lengths to ensure they’re happy. One of the biggest challenges for pet owners is keeping dogs inside the yard, especially because dogs love going on adventures!

Tough and durable synthetic turf is an excellent solution and our experts at Palm Beach Artificial Grass would love to help. We install dog-friendly artificial turf that not only looks natural but will work in any shape or size of the yard. 

If you want to get started on making sure your pet stays comfortable while also keeping them safe, contact us today! Call 561-220-3564 to speak with our team or send us an inquiry online.