Still, you may be worried that your pet won’t be happy about the change. It’s actually a lot easier than you think, as long as you keep it fun and stay patient with your furry friend. Check out these artificial grass tips and tricks to help your dog (or puppy) get comfortable with their new yard.

How to Introduce Artificial Grass to Your Dog

  1. 1. Put their favorite toys on the artificial grass

    If they love to play fetch, put their favorite ball on the lawn. If they like squeaky toys, give them a new one and tell them to go get it! This will get their curiosity going.

  2. 2. Relax on the lawn with your dog and his toys and keep adding time.

    Sit on the lawn for just five minutes at first and move up from there. Your dog may be hesitant at first and excitedly paw at you when you get up.

    Just hang in there.t won’t be long before they relax and realize that nothing bad is happening on your new synthetic turf for dogs in Palm Beach, FL.

  3. 3. Give them tons of treats.

    Bring them a special treat like frozen peanut butter or cheese, or something similar that they can only eat in the yard.

    Let them eat from your hand at first, before placing a treat or two on the synthetic grass itself. Encourage them to eat it and keep adding more.

  4. 4. Play fun games on the grass.

    Showing your dog that his new backyard is a place where he can have fun will go a long way in helping him feel comfortable.

    You can play fetch or tug-of-war with toys, or even hide treats around so that there’s something exciting happening all the time.

  5. 5. Give them treats when they go near it.

    You can encourage your pup by showing them how much fun they can have by running and playing on the turf.

    If they touch the grass with their paws or nose, give them a treat or pat them on the head. Use positive reinforcement!

    Eventually, they will associate the artificial lawn with treats and praise.

  6. 6. Stay back (but close by).

    When your dog first goes onto artificial grass Palm Beach, let him explore freely. Don’t hover over him while he’s out there.

    Give him plenty of time and space to feel comfortable with his surroundings. He’ll eventually take a moment to sniff it all in and then settle down on his own.

  7. 7. Be sure to praise your dog for every step he takes on artificial grass.

    Whether it’s a few steps or a full-on zoomie fest, celebrate each little victory with lots of love and encouragement.

    Finally, be sure to be patient with your dog as he gets used to your new synthetic lawn.

    Some dogs take to it immediately, while others need a bit of time. That’s okay!

    Just be patient and keep working with him. nd be sure to shower him with treats and praise when he gets it right.

    Before you know it, your dog will be begging to be let out the backdoor so he can run and play on your artificial grass.

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