Many homeowners are turning to artificial turf for dogs in Palm Beach, FL as a means of having a fuss-free lawn that can handle the antics of man’s best friend. However, not all artificial turfs are created equal, especially when it comes to accommodating our canine companions. Here are the ideal types of synthetic turf for homes with pets:

Short Pile Synthetic Turf

Opting for a short artificial turf can be particularly beneficial for dogs in a number of ways. It’s less susceptible to wear from paws, which means your artificial lawn remains lush and even for longer.

Shorter grass blades also make picking up pet poop a more straightforward affair. It’s easier to spot and clean potty areas, giving way to a more hygienic space for both you and your pet.

Artificial Grass With Deodorizing Infill

Another feasible option for dog owners is a synthetic turf installation with a deodorizing infill.

The infill absorbs and neutralizes the smells that often linger after your pet does their business. It also helps extend the vibrancy and freshness of your artificial grass by deterring bacteria growth, which can cause a dull appearance over time.

Artificial turf for dogs in Palm Beach, FL with infill also tends to have a softer texture, making it more comfortable for your furry friends to roll around and play on.

Fast-Draining Artificial Turf

Premium pet turf drains moisture fast, so don’t settle for subpar or discount varieties. Dog pee won’t stagnate on its surface, attracting pests and making the area smell bad.

Artificial grass is water resistant, which means it dries fast. Combining that with fast drainage results in a synthetic lawn that dries quickly after a rain shower or a playful water fight. Plus, no puddles means no muddy paws and less risk of bacteria buildup.

The quick-drying feature also reduces wear and tear from excessive moisture, which improves the durability of your artificial lawn.

Anti-Microbial Synthetic Grass

Synthetic turf for dogs in Palm Beach, FL comes in anti-microbial variants designed to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. This can be especially beneficial in warm climates like Palm Beach, where humid conditions can promote their growth.

This type of artificial grass is perfect for dogs, as it reduces the risks associated with harmful substances that can cause irritations or infections in your pets. It also prevents odors associated with bacteria.

Pick the Perfect Artificial Grass for Pets

If you’re still unsure about which type to choose, remember Palm Beach Artificial Grass is here to help. Our experienced team will consider your specific needs, advising on the best available solutions for you and your pets.

Create a haven for your furry friends with the best pet-friendly turf today. Contact us online or call us at 561-816-5190 for a free consultation.