As Florida’s easternmost town, Palm Beach boasts the beautiful tropical weather that Florida’s famous for. Unfortunately, the same climate brings humidity with it, and with humidity comes insects like mosquitoes. If you have a natural lawn, you already know how bad they can ruin a nice day in the yard. Replacing real grass with synthetic turf in Palm Beach is the most effective way to get rid of them for good.

How Can Artificial Grass Eliminate Mosquitoes in the Yard?

If you’ve done everything to eliminate mosquitoes and other pests from your lawn, switching to synthetic grass is your last and most effective resort. Here’s how artificial grass in Palm Beach can get rid of these parasites for good:

• Artificial grass removes their breeding grounds.

Mosquitoes breed in moist, shady areas such as natural grass. To drive them out of your property, consider switching to synthetic turf. Synthetic turf is dry all year long and does not require water. It means insects like mosquitoes will never survive in this environment. The drainage system, lack of food and antimicrobial properties make turf an uninhabitable place for pests, forcing them to look for another place to breed.

• You don’t need to treat your lawn with chemicals to drive out mosquitoes. 

Using pesticides to eliminate these bloodsuckers will not guarantee total removal. You may kill some of them, but mosquitoes multiply very fast. It will require constant and heavy application of toxins to keep them at bay. In some cases, mosquitoes can even build up tolerance to specific pesticides.

Not only that, but these substances can seep into the soil below and cause health issues to your family and pets. Your lawn will never be a safe place to play again.

But with synthetic turf, there’s no need to use such chemicals at all. It goes to the root of the problem, which is real grass itself.

• Synthetic turf will always stay perfectly-trimmed. 

Mosquitoes love to hang out in overgrown grass. This is another reason why they’re so difficult to find and eradicate. These pests also prefer to breed in large plants and shrubs. Because of this, you need to mow your lawn continually; otherwise, it will worsen the infestation.

But after artificial grass installation in Palm Beach FL, you don’t need to trim the grass or mow the lawn ever. The grass will always stay short, which removes all hiding places from your yard. This makes pests easier to spot and remove, including insects, vermin and more.

Synthetic Turf in Palm Beach: For Beautiful, Pest-Free Backyards

Replacing natural grass with synthetic turf is the best way to get rid of mosquitoes for good. Artificial grass won’t just give you a cleaner and safer lawn, but it’s also incredibly versatile. What does your dream backyard look like? Turn it into reality with Palm Beach Artificial Grass! We’d be happy to give you a free quote for your project – call us at 561-220-3564 or send us a message here.